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Everyone loves a steamy Regency London drama, and Bridgerton graced Netflix screens late last year to fulfill the need. Apart from Daphne and Simon’s captivating romance, the Shonda Rhimes show also blessed audiences with stunning costume design. Indeed, the clothes worn by the ladies of “the ton” were exquisite and sparked online searches for Bridgerton-like clothing, worldwide.

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Designed by Ellen Mirojnik, Bridgerton’s fantastical corseted costumes were laden with Swarovski crystals, organza, flowers, and butterflies. There was a stark difference between the ball gowns worn by the different families, and audiences loved to see the many iterations of 1800s style on all the women of the show. Here’s the crème de la crème of Bridgerton outfits.

10 Cressida’s Peach Gown

Although Cressida’s hopes of marrying Prince Friedrich may have been dashed, there was no doubt that she wore rejection well. Peach was a signature Cowper color, and this floral pastel gown was a winner.

The tonal embroidery on the outfit was juxtaposed by hints of lilac applique flowers, and the peach silk gloves finished it beautifully. The younger Cowper’s intricate hairdos, which involved crystals, lace, flowers, and trims, also contributed greatly to her whimsical wardrobe.

9 Eloise’s Opening Look

One sartorial detail that stood out about the show was Eloise’s beautiful high collars, which were sometimes supplemented by cravats, scarves and bows. The young Bridgerton stunned with her first look on the show, which was this casual white and peach dress, with her signature net collar.

Detailed threadwork, puffed sleeves, subtle lace, and the giant peach bow made a simple white dress a lot prettier and youthful — perfect for a girl who hadn’t made her debut yet.

8 Marina’s Simple Yellow Gown

Controversial Marina Thompson’s wardrobe proved true that “less is more.” Her signature all-over vine and flower embroidery translated gorgeously on this empire-waisted yellow frock. The square neckline and slightly puffed sleeves added subtle detail to the simple and tasteful dress — no wonder Colin was head over heels for the Featheringtons’ cousin!

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The tiny pops of pink and blue on the pretty avian embroidery elevated the sunny outdoors dress, as did the surprise net gloves, as opposed to conventional silk ones.

7 Daphne’s Bejeweled Gown

This sparkling chiffon and crystal gown is definitely Daphne’s best outfit in the whole series. The Swarovski encrusted neckline and sleeves look rather regal, and Daphne looks the part of a duchess next to her duke.

The tonal ivory silk gloves are a Bridgerton favorite, and they complement the layered ball gown well. Daphne’s glittering floral jewelry and tiara are the icing on the Regency-era cake.

6 Lady Danbury’s Pristine White Outfit

The personification of grace and beauty, Lady Danbury’s wardrobe was as stylish as it was elegant. This ball gown featured a caped lace collar, which complemented the white jacquard gown perfectly. Hints of crystals on the neckline and the belt buckle elevated the gown to another level.

This icy white outfit deserved glittering diamonds, which it got in the form of a towering tiara and neckpiece. Although the duke’s biggest supporter was older than the girls in season, her closet was as enviable as theirs.

5 Daphne’s Jade Velvet Affair

This outfit was quite unique and distinct since Daphne wasn’t prone to wearing deep colors or fabrics, like velvet. However, she picked a jewel-toned gown for her portrait with Simon, tailored from rich velvet with minimal tonal embroidery, unlike her usual pastel fare.

As usual, the jade gown was paired with a delicate diamond necklace, tiara, and white silk gloves. Fans can only guess that Daphne chose this unusual piece for dramatic effect in her painting.

4 Queen Charlotte’s Jewel Tones

Bridgerton kept Queen Charlotte’s wardrobe historically accurate — the real Queen, too, wore larger-than-life gowns with grand hoop skirts. The costume designers experimented with colors and her elaborate wigs, but this burgundy and emerald green gown looks straight out of a history book.

The whole gown featured beautiful gold threadwork and detailing on the panels, and cascading gold lace sleeves. From all the characters, the Queen had the most interesting outfits — don’t miss the birdcages in her towering wig!

3 Daphne’s Debut Gown

The fourth-eldest Bridgerton had a blessed debut — one where she gained favor with the Queen herself and outshined the rest of the ton. Contributing to her success was her lovely ivory satin gown, empire-waisted and decorated with gold threadwork.

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The gown also featured a subtle panel from the sleeves down the length and was paired perfectly with an extraordinary gold tiara. When she was presented before Queen Charlotte, she sported fluffy white feathers in her tiara, which she took off later.

2 Penelope’s Floral Gown

The smart but romantic Penelope was the most ignored Featherington, but her outfits were dazzling. Always seen in yellow, this particular dress was a perfect outdoor ensemble. Overlaid with embroidered flowers in primary colors, the accessorizing of this outfit is what made it stand out in the crowd.

The sheer pink net gloves, the glistening yellow scarf, and floral jewelry really uplifted this outfit that Pen wore with young Eloise, and it was perhaps the best of her yellow gowns.

1 Daphne’s Baby Blue Gown

A lover of baby blue, Daphne wore many gowns of this color, but this net and embroidery extravaganza was perhaps the best. With powder blue flowers and vines embroidered up and across the gown, the pretty baby doll silhouette of the dress made it one to remember.

Her usually tied up hair was left down and adorned with flowers, which set this look apart from the others. Daphne knew how to look perfectly stunning while locking eyes with the Duke for the rest of the ton to see.

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