What videogame outfit would you wear in real life? Leave a comment

Do you think you could pull off Adam Jensen’s trenchcoat? Dream of dressing like Jihl Nabaat from Final Fantasy 13? Are you tempted to scrounge one of those real versions of V’s jacket from Cyberpunk 2077 even though they seem kind of cheap? Or maybe spend too much money on Leon’s jacket from Resident Evil 4? Marianne from The Medium has a great jacket too. Maybe this should just be a question about jackets.

What videogame outfit would you wear in real life?

Here are our answers, plus a few from our forum.

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Natalie Clayton: I’ve always been a sucker for Red’s outfit in Transistor. A classy, torn art deco dress with a frayed feather collar framed by a subtle black jacket, it’s a look that screams “I’ve an army of robots to destroy with my boyfriend / sword on the way to tonight’s ball”. I also know I could pull it off, because I sorta already did—Red is one of the two attempts at cosplay I’ve ever tried, and I rocked that look even as the low-effort outfit fell apart the minute I put it on. Sure, the full get-up’s a bit much for a games industry mixer, but I reckon that coat would work well with some skinny jeans and a bold graphic tee. Y’know, game journo fashion.

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