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The age-old underwear toss-up between boxer and brief overlooks an alternative that’s well worth your consideration. The men’s jockstrap, with its front pouch that accentuates your assets and elastic straps that’ll perk up your derriere to peachier heights, has been around since the late 19th century. Originally going by the name “bicycle jockey”, designed for cyclists for additional support up-front when pedalling over cobblestoned streets, they went on to become the go-to for impact sports such as American football and rugby and have also been adopted for their sex appeal. Still on the fence about whether to incorporate a jockstrap into your undies rotation? Let us enlighten you…

They’re comfier than briefs and boxers

Imagine a world where wedgies don’t exist. With a jockstrap, you don’t have to. Get the fit just right and a jockstrap is a far more comfortable option for day-long wear than any tight- or looser-fitting underwear, amplified further by the fabric of your bottoms. Avoid sandpaper-like rigid denim and opt instead for the softness of your favourite joggers. And just as you might favour a boxer brief over a roomier boxer short, a jockstrap goes the extra mile to keep your bits where they belong, making for fewer adjustments.

They’re good for sports

Because the pouch of a jockstrap is as close to an athletic cup as you’ll get from underwear alone, they are often worn by cyclists looking for protection over bumpy roads, where bouncing up and down on the saddle isn’t just uncomfortable but can also cause problems such as cysts and infections. In contact sports, not only do they provide the same boon of keeping everything neatly in place, but they also provide a more convenient layer to position a protective cup over for an extra level of protection.

They’re breathable in the summer months

Sun’s out, bum’s out. This one’s all about personal preference, but those prone to below-the-belt sweating in stuffier summer months could well find jockstraps to be the most hygienic solution. A halfway house between conventional underwear and going commando, those made from sweat-wicking materials from sports brands will work doubly hard to keep things dry in a heatwave. Just make sure you’re wearing your shorts or chinos around your waist, as they were intended.

They keep everything in place

And we’re not just talking about a tighter pouch for your package. Jockstraps can turn pancakes into peaches, doing to men’s behinds what Spanx do to women’s. Generally constructed from a thicker waistband with two straps that frame the bum-cheeks, the sturdier materials do their bit to lift your backside up, creating a more pronounced divide from bum to thigh. It won’t just make it look bigger once you’ve taken off your clothes, but can also contribute to a more rounded silhouette in shorts and trousers.

It’s a kink

Especially so among gay men, jockstraps are used to up the sex factor of your underwear, with an exposed bum opening many a new foreplay window. But outside of the bedroom, and much like lingerie, knowing you’re wearing something overtly sexy underneath your nine-to-five attire can do wonders for your confidence – and there’s nothing more stylish than confidence.

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