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Lockdown is not, exactly, conducive to feeling glamorous. In fact, the phrase ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go’ has taken on a new significance in the past year. But the end is (hopefully) in sight. The infection rate in the UK is slowly but surely decreasing and the population is starting to be vaccinated, promising more optimistic days ahead. This means that life could resemble something entirely more ‘normal’, full of friends, family – and not a Zoom quiz in sight. Good timing, then, for H&M’s latest Studio collection, which is full of clothes to make you feel excited about going out again.

H&M Studio SS21

H&M Studio SS21

The Studio collection is, historically, the brand’s most fashion-forward offering. This means that it is edgier, in a way; it takes more design risks and has more frills and flounces than any other range in H&M’s repertoire. For spring/summer 2021, the collection is entitled ‘Treasure Forever’, created with adventure and self-expression in mind. What could be more fitting for the time in which we reemerge into society, having spent the best part of a year with limited social contact?

H&M Studio SS21

H&M Studio SS21

So, what of the clothes? There are the party pieces: sequin trousers with dramatically fringed hems, ruffled coral mini skirts, beaded body harnesses and a shirt seemingly made entirely of fringing. There are also some real wardrobe heroes, in the sense that they look brilliantly made and will work for almost anything: perfectly oversized blazers, striped shirts and easy-to-wear midi dresses.

H&M Studio SS21

H&M Studio SS21

For those who can’t yet imagine wearing anything without an elasticated waist, there is even some loungewear. The majority of pieces are crafted from sustainably-sourced materials and H&M is stressing that these clothes are designed to be ‘cherished forever.’ The brand is also reissuing some archive pieces and is partnering with Sellpy, a digital platform for selling second-hand fashion.

The main takeaway from this collection? Whether you buy it or not, we all have reason to feel optimistic. We’ll have social plans again soon, after all, and then we’ll all need something to wear.

H&M Studio will arrive online and in (open) stores around the world on February 18.

Oversized Blazer, £119.99

1 of 26

Black Fringed Dress, £99.99

2 of 26

Striped Shirt, £69.99

3 of 26

Fringed Sequin Trousers, £99.99

4 of 26

 Green Bikini Top, £17.99

5 of 26

Green Bikini Bottoms, £12.99

6 of 26

Earrings, £19.99

7 of 26

T-Shirt, £24.99

8 of 26

Swimsuit, £29.99

9 of 26

Jumper, £34.99

10 of 26

Lounge Pants, £34.99

11 of 26

Striped Jumper, £39.99

12 of 26

Harness, £39.99

13 of 26

Jeans, £49.99

14 of 26

Frilled Blouse, £59.99

15 of 26

Red Maxi Dress, £59.99

16 of 26

Jumper, £69.99

17 of 26

Neon Dress, £69.99

18 of 26

Fringed Hoodie, £69.99

19 of 26

Neon Flares, £69.99

20 of 26

Fringed Shirt, £69.99

21 of 26

Dress, £79.99

22 of 26

Heeled Sandals, £79.99

23 of 26

Fringed Skirt, £99.99

24 of 26

Long Boots, £119.99

25 of 26

Cropped Jacket, £149.99

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