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striped blue shirt and iron on ironing board at home
striped blue shirt and iron on ironing board at home

Why do you need an ironing board?

With all the low-maintenance fabrics available today, you might think that ironing boards are a thing of the past, like landlines and checkbooks.

Not so, says Eve Tokens, a fashion and textile designer and online educator in sustainable fashion at The Creative Curator. While some fabrics are wrinkle-resistant, Tokens reminds us that fabrics like 100 percent cotton, linen, and silk will always require ironing.

“Specifically, clothing items containing pockets and pleats will always need pressing to keep the fabric crisp and neat,” Token says. “No one wants to see pleats without a sharp crease or wrinkled pocket bags spilling from the pocket opening.”

When in search of the right ironing board, here’s what to look for:

  • Metal mesh construction so steam can pass and evaporate;

  • Multiple height options for different size users;

  • Locking clips to prevent collapse;

  • Retractable iron rests.

Many also feature:

  • Flexible cord holders;

  • Folding shelves;

  • Hanger racks.

A good cover is just as important. Pick one with a tight fit, thick padding and fabric that is stain- and scorch-resistant. A reflective surface to keep clothes from clinging to the board is a plus.

From standalones to built-ins and tabletops, here are our picks for the best ironing boards. Before you start ironing, watch out for these surprising ways you’re ruining your clothes.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.

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