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A New York-based discount chain opened a new store in Allegheny Township in October, but it took a while for many people to notice.

“Nobody even knew we were here until we got our sign last week,” said Jessica Campbell, manager of the Label Shopper store in Hyde Park Plaza.

Label Shopper, owned by Peter Harris Clothes, has more than 50 stores across the Northeast and in parts of surrounding regions. It offers hefty discounts on brand-name clothing.

People who have shopped at the local store said it’s been a terrific find for high-quality, low-priced clothing.

Katie Vance, a West Vandergrift resident, said she visited the store for the first time a few weeks ago, noting there aren’t many signs drawing attention to it. She said she didn’t realize it was there until seeing a post on a Vandergrift Facebook group.

She said she was elated to find a wide selection of name-brand women’s clothing at extremely discounted rates. She said she bought three shirts and two pairs of pants for only $20.

Vance said she hopes the store will stick around.

“Shopping local is always the best thing you can do for your community,” she said. “It helps jobs, it helps bring business here and keep business here.”

Vance said the store fills an important role in an area that somewhat struggles to maintain its local business scene.

“I think it’s really important not only to have something local where you can just go and grab what you need in a pinch and not have to drive 20 minutes to the nearest store or to Walmart,” Vance said. “But it’s also good for our community, too. We need more businesses here.”

Before Label Shopper: Kmart, Peebles, Gordman’s

The store occupies a space that has twice been vacated in the past two years. The store was once a Peebles, before becoming a Gordman’s in February 2020. That franchise was short-lived, though, as it began advertising for liquidation by September.

Before Peebles, the store was a Kmart, which closed in 2019.

“That shopping center has really become kind of a shame, the way it’s deteriorated,” said Vandergrift’s David Kessler, who visited the Label Shopper for the first time around Thanksgiving. He’s returned multiple times since then, and said the parking lot now fills to levels similar to when there was a Kmart in the space.

Campbell had worked at both Peebles and Gordman’s. Already, she’s seen a positive response on the prices and selection available in the shopping plaza’s newest tenant.

Campbell said foot traffic has already picked up since the store acquired its road sign last week. But even before the sign showed up, she said the store had excellent sales numbers from October leading up to Christmas.

She said some customers have come as far as Ford City and Jeannette, enticed by the “ridiculously” low prices. Some have compared its prices to a thrift store, she said, even though nothing in the shop is secondhand.

“I really like it,” Campbell said. “I think the prices we have are great and the selection we have is great. … I honestly think if more word gets out about the store, it’s going to be a hit.”

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