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Everyone thinks that, in order to get the perfect outfit, you need to have a lot of money and buy expensive articles. But nuh uh, that is not how things work. Yes, I agree that, there are expensive pieces of clothing that look definitely amazing and are worth thousands of money, but you need to think about your budget and how much are you willing to spend. You need to learn how to dress smart, without wasting money And you wouldn`t believe me when I say I have a lot of tricks up in my sleeve. Only for you.

1. Go out in search for thrift stores

Dressing smart doesn`t mean buying only expensive clothes. Rethink your choices. I know, many of us try to avoid thrift stores because it can be a bit embarrassing or awkward for some. Others can be way too judgemental sometimes. Try to challenge yourself and look for some thrift stores. In there, you can find incredible stuff, from jeans that fits you perfectly, to hoodies, shirts with different patterns (that can give a vintage aura to your outfit) or even jackets that look absolutely stylish. And the most important thing, they are all affordable!

2. Customize

Just like LadyPopular said here`Repair, alter and customize your special outfit.`You can change your zipper`s dress, or you can cut your jeans and add different stickers made out of denim or you can even paint your back pockets! Have you saw those Van Gogh paints? Why not to have something like that on your jeans or even on your denim jacket? And you can find tutorials on different Social Media platforms about how to diy your favorite shirts or skirts! Customizing it is always a cool way to dress smart and to create your own style or even trademark!

3. Why are you afraid? Learn to overcome your fear.

Most of us are afraid to try new things out, like combining different patterns or colors all together or to wear something that is `tight` on us. Yes, I agree, it can be a bit too risky sometimes, you cannot mix all the stuff together, some colors do not blend well together, and the same goes for textures, too. First thing first, you need to challenge yourself and discover what looks look great on you. Are you a classy type? A casual or do you enjoy dressing in a vintage way? Dig deep inside you and observe your likes or dislikes, something that express your personality or emotions. Dressing it is not about just wearing some clothes. Dressing means `show yourself, your true self`.

4. Accessories can be cheap, not only expensive!

I include again LadyPopular here and I quote them: `Accessories play a vital role as they can make or break your outfits`, I really felt that. An outfit is not complete if there are not accessories. They are the main key to make an outfit look truly outstanding. But if things do not work out and you try to accessorize different elements that do not fit together, you might hit the `fail` button right away. Keep in mind what I have said above, that some patterns, colors and texture do not blend well together. And talking about thrift stores, you can find cheap accessories online, browsing AliBaba, Amazon or even Wish or Joom. There are a lot of accessories in there that look totally stunning and the price it is truly acceptable. You might end not buying only one pair of rings, you can get beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings!

5. Look after discounts!

Discounts are the best thing ever! From time to time, different stores make some promotions, like `Buy one, get another one for free` or `Buy one product and get the second one for half of the price`. Always check the upcoming promotions and be alert when they begin. It is always great to get the clothes you want at a cheaper price! Personally, I find these events on Social Media and I try to save them and check on them when they start. And you can also look for New York Fashion Week to have more inspiration while creating an outfit.

In the end, fashion is not only about looks, about your shoes, makeup, hair and outfit. Fashion is a way to express your unique personality by wearing what makes you feel incredible, happy and comfy at the same time.

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