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POV: You venture into the virtual world of Amazon for something simple and non-fashion related (for me most recently, the quest was for gold forks), but you soon after find yourself sucked into the trap that is the website’s endless offering of pretty much every wardrobe item you could ever need. Now, at once, there’s five clothing and accessory pieces in your cart, minimum. Okay, maybe that’s just me, but please tell me I’m actually not alone. 

I’ve become well acquainted with the leading e-tailer since March, as many others may have with moving our shopping habits almost entirely online. But honestly I’m completely satiated where this is concerned—Amazon has the best pieces for some of my favorite shopping categories, such as leggings and sunglasses. I figured you may be a little love-struck with the shopping platform as of late, too, so without further ado, here are my favorite types of items to shop from Amazon. When it comes to these pieces, I know I’ll always find what I’m looking for.

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