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There’s been no shortage of buzz about the fashions sported on inauguration day, and 4-year-old Reyleigh Hampton wanted to get in on the action.

The preschooler has gone viral after re-creating former first lady Michelle Obama’s monochromatic trouser and turtleneck look and sharing it on social media with a photo that featured Zayden Lowe dressed the part of former President Barack Obama.

Reyleigh’s photo even caught the eye of Michelle Obama herself, who reposted the image on her social media accounts and declaring that that pair had “nailed it!”

Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on the West Front of the Capitol on Jan. 20, 2021.Rob Carr / Getty Images

Reyleigh’s aunt Zoe Hampton said that while watching the inauguration last month on television, her family’s “mouths dropped” as soon as they saw the Obamas arrive.

“They looked absolutely stunning,” Hampton said. “Ryleigh had recently re-created some looks from Kamala Harris and Prince, and we knew once we saw Michelle and Barack step out that we could not pass up the opportunity to re-create it.”

Hampton’s grandmother got to work and helped create the look for the girl.

“We always jokingly said ‘What if Michelle Obama actually saw this?’ but when it actually came true, we were beyond excited,” Hampton said. “It truly doesn’t get any better than that.”

Reyleigh and Zayden, who sported a coat and tie, posed for their photo outside of the Florence County Library in South Carolina.

Hampton’s aunt says Ryleigh loves dressing up and fell in love with wine-colored outfit, which made the photoshoot all the more fun.

“Although at this age I think Ryleigh is caught up in how cute the clothes are and how cool it is to do a photoshoot with her best friend, I hope as she gets older she realizes the deeper meaning of the photo,” Hampton said. “The Obamas are amazing role models, and I hope she aspires to be a strong and confident African American woman just like Michelle Obama. This is why representation matters. I hope both her and Zayden realize they can be anything they want to be!”

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