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Whenever a new Hitman game is released, the time comes to evaluate Agent 47’s style choices yet again. The character has worn hundreds of disguises in the last two decades or so, with Hitman 3 bringing in a few more fans to indulge in.

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That’s not to say that 47 has looked great in every outfit. Far from it, actually, as 47 has even lost his intimidating aura at times when certain get-ups make him appear like a goofball. On other occasions, some outfits and disguises have suited him so well that 47 has carried himself with a combination of class and danger that nobody else can emulate.

10 Worst: Clown Outfit

You know the Hitman series really is very underrated when you consider the fact that there’s a disguise that makes this internationally feared assassin don a clown outfit. Of course, that doesn’t mean the disguise is by any means flattering.

It might have helped had 47 at least looked the part. Instead, he comes across more like the Joker from the Joaquin Phoenix movie, in that he seems as if he very dearly wants everyone in front of him to drop dead.

9 Best: Casual Suit

2016’s Hitman introduced the concept of 47 wearing civilian clothes rather than sticking out like a sore thumb with an obvious suit. This outfit is casual and gives off a sophisticated style, with 47 looking unassuming but also a person one would respect.

The rolled-up appearance is what makes the outfit a winner, as 47 avoids seeming too businesslike and gives off an air of casual energy. Not to mention that looks like the finest fabric even if it is supposed to be a game.

8 Worst: Photographer

Customization has become very common in most stealth games. Still, that doesn’t mean any look qualifies as a good one, with this outfit being too much of a bold approach to receive acclaim. It might have suited someone else, but 47 doesn’t pull it off.

That’s probably because 47 is clearly a man in his middle age, while the photographer outfit is supposed to be for a much younger guy. Then again, that beanie and scarf combo might look bad regardless of who’s wearing it.

7 Best: Tuxedo

It seemed difficult to imagine 47 looking any different from a suit to a tuxedo, only for this one to show up in one of the best missions in the series. Paris featured the who’s who of the fashion world, which required 47 to bust this tuxedo out.

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It’s probably due to the low cut where the buttons meet, allowing for 47’s clothes to contrast from the outer layer to the inner layer. He also deserves props for tying what appears to be a cracker of a bowtie.

6 Worst: Florida Man

Due to Hitman 3 being an exceptionally huge stealth game, there are many get-ups available that don’t have much to do with anything. This outfit should have been banned from the start, as 47 looks like an absolute travesty here.

Showing 47 with hair should be illegal, and he makes it worse by putting on a giant ponytail. It goes further downhill with the presence of those big glasses. The result is that 47 qualifies for the loser club that hasn’t moved on since the ‘80s.

5 Best: Thornbridge Manor Outfit

On occasion, hipster glasses will do the trick. Fortunately for 47, this was one of those times. He does look like a parody of himself, but it’s hard to deny that this appearance is pretty chic. Mostly, it’s the combo of the hat and glasses.

Had either of them been missing, 47 would have been unable to pass as a no-nonsense hipster. The quality of the jacket and its material add to the outfit’s standout features, and 47 deserves credit for making this look come to life.

4 Worst: Chicken Suit

47 can never be underestimated, not when the guy can legitimately end many other video game protagonists. Still, it’s hard not to laugh when you take a gander at him in this chicken suit. Admittedly, the level had other villains dressed similarly, but that doesn’t give 47 a pass.

The fact that the guy is firing his signature guns and yet still looks like a complete joke proves that this is a costume that should never have seen the light of day. If even 47 cannot make this outfit look cool, then nothing is saving this chicken suit.

3 Best: Cotton Black Parka

Never underestimate the power of an all-black combo, especially when it’s being worn by a badass such as 47. There’s not much to say about this look, other than it makes it obvious that this is a man whom you don’t trifle with.

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The jumper inside the parka brings a double-layered quality to the outfit, which wouldn’t have been the case had the colors been in contrast. By going with an all-black combo, 47 is a site to see out in the cold.

2 Worst: Santa Claus

47 might be a full-on stoic, but fans have caught onto his act and created many memes as a way to joke about his mannerisms. One would be inclined to laugh here as well, what with him looking like the most depressed Santa anyone’s laid eyes on.

Maybe if he had put on a fake beard, 47 could have salvaged some of his badass qualities. However, simply appearing as an elf looking for a promotion doesn’t do him any favors, not when the elf doesn’t even flash a smile.

1 Best: Classic Suit

47’s personality is such that not many people can be associated with him. Those who do possess similar qualities will know that being comfortable in your own skin is the most important thing about oneself. To this end, 47 is right at home with his classic suit.

Unlike many other video game protagonists, 47’s appearance is simple and to the point. The man can blend where he wants with this suit and can stand out as a sophisticated man if need be. That red tie is iconic as well, as it is a way to represent the blood of his victims that 47 carries close to him at all times.

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