19 Thoughts I Had Watching ‘Head Over Heels,’ a Forgotten Fashion Flick Leave a comment

8. Amanda spots Jim (Freddie) from across the way. They can see everything he does. She instantly becomes smitten with him (especially after seeing him do pull-ups shirtless). 

9. I’m not loving the stereotype of Candi having different surgical bandages on her face throughout all of her scenes. Not all models get plastic surgery, okay! Most are just genetically blessed—which, I know, unfair. 

10. Jade’s vampy leather bustier top is what all TikTok e-girls are wearing right now. How good was it that they got Shalom Harlow, an IRL supermodel, to play her? A+ casting choice. 

11. Roxana is casually lounging on the couch in tight red sequin pants. Is this what models really wore in 2001?

12. The models decide to give Amanda a makeover. This was such a 2000s movie thing: a “makeover” that just consists of a different outfit and, like, some lip gloss. I gotta say, though: I do love this black dress with a faux-fur trim that they put her in. 

13. Amanda is supposed to be the unfashionable one of the group, but her black square-neck top and silk skirt is super chic. Not sure why they all dressed up to break into Jim’s apartment, though. 

14. Back at their apartment, Holly says she’s booked her first big runway show at New York Fashion Week tomorrow. She’s practicing by walking with a book on top of her head (for posture). A classic trick! 

15. At said NYFW show, Holly is now in her full runway look, which is a pink dress with marabou trim. I’m getting major Anna Sui vibes. 

16. I’ll skip over the major plot points so as not to spoil anything, but now we’re in a clothing warehouse where the girls are being held captive by a bad guy. (Things took a turn.) “I can’t die here,” says Candi. “This place is full of ugly dresses!” If that isn’t a mood, what is?

17. Now we’re back at NYFW. All the girls, including Amanda, are walking in a show as a covert operation to catch another bad guy. (Yes, really.) Amanda is put in a black tulle gown with a lacy shawl. “I look like Stevie Nicks,” she says. I have to admit, this is the first look that doesn’t hold up. It’s too much.  

18. Judging by the frilly white gown and dramatic top hat that follows Amanda’s look in this “runway” show, for a faux designer named Alfredo, this entire collection is a flop. 

19. Joke’s on me. Despite several models tackling someone on the runway, the fashion critics adore the collection. “Leave it to Alfredo to bring a sense of theater back to New York fashion,” a reporter says. Well, fashion does love drama! 

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