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In 2020, it’s hard to believe that only a matter of years ago the spiritually tinged pursuit of yoga was considered a sport for women (so much so that any participation from men was confined to that most cringe-inducing subset of “broga”). 

Thankfully, the fitness trend cycle is fast-moving and the ever-growing allure of a warrior pose for men has meant that a) we take pride in cohabiting the yoga studio and b) activewear brands are increasingly tailoring to the demand with stylish men’s yoga clothes. 

Not sure where to start? Here we’ve outlined what to look for in men’s yoga clothes that’ll take you from headstand to corpse pose, plus our edit of the best you can buy right now. And if it’s a mat you’re after to practice from home, check out our guide to the best yoga mats.

What are the essential yoga clothes for men?

Where yoga leggings fast become synonymous with affluent yogis who rarely miss an opportunity to namecheck their favourite instructor at brunch, a comprehensive yoga kit for men is a very simple combo of T-shirt and either shorts or yoga pants. 

Men’s yoga clothes are all about facilitating ease of movement, which is why you’ll see so many yogis on Instagram posting topless. If you’re not back-bending by a mountain-scape for the sake of social media, though, the key is to look for activewear that’s so lightweight you forget it’s even there. As for your feet, a bonus for both your wallet and the space in your kit bag is that yoga is best done barefoot, but you will need a mat.

Which properties/materials should you look out for when buying new yoga clothes?

While the amount you sweat will vary from practice to practice, all disciplines of yoga will induce some level of perspiration, so as with your gym clothes you’ll want to look for T-shirts, shorts or joggers made with sweat-wicking fabrics. As we mentioned, lightweight yoga clothes will enable easy movement, but don’t confuse free-flowing with oversized. You can forget about any muscle-hugging base layers, but think about things such as how the collar will drop during a plank and how your shorts might ride up in warrior III.

What are the best men’s yoga brands?

More and more brands are catering to the growing uptake of yoga by men, though options are still lacking compared to the myriad boutique womenswear brands. You’ll find a selection of our favourites, from Lululemon to Rhone, in GQ’s edit of the best men’s yoga clothes you can buy, below.

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