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In order to have the smoothest recovery possible, it’s important to choose stretchy, breathable clothes that won’t irritate your c-section incision.

You’re going to be in a lot of pain after a c-section, especially at your incision site, so choosing comfortable clothing that doesn’t irritate your wound or other sensitive areas is a must when recovering. Since you’ll be spending a lot of down-time just resting after your surgery, you’ll want to opt for clothing that is comfortable enough to lounge in all day. But many mothers may still want to look put-together or at least cute and cozy, especially if you’ll be having family and friends coming over to meet the newborn and help you recover.

We’ll go through what mothers recovering from a c-section should wear during the day and night. It’s possible to be comfortable and supported while still looking stylish. Just listen to the following tips and tricks to figure out how.

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What To Wear During Daytime Post-C-Section

Let’s start with what you don’t want to wear – anything with buttons, snaps, or zippers can irritate your c-section incision or even risk opening it. Kindred Bravely specifically warns mothers to be careful when picking out clothing that’s meant for breastfeeding, as nursing and pumping pieces often sit tightly around the abdomen, which will be a problem for your incision.

Instead, you’ll want to opt for clothing that is loose-fitting. Go for pieces with stretchy waistbands or that will flow over your c-section incision. Opt for materials that are light, breathable, and super soft, which will provide you with comfort while you rest at home as your body heals.

Try the following clothing pieces:

  • Flowy dresses: whether it’s a cute sundress or a sultry nightgown, a flowy dress won’t be tight on your incision. It will also skim your curves without hugging them, which may be a plus for moms who aren’t thrilled with how their body looks post-delivery.
  • Loose t-shirts or sweaters: the looser it is, the comfier it will be. If you’ll be breastfeeding, consider investing in nursing tops to make it more convenient. You’ll likely want to go for something with a looser fit, especially as you tend to your incision site throughout the day.
  • Leggings or sweatpants: sweatpants will likely offer you more comfort, as they won’t cling as tightly to your body. However, leggings may give your abdomen much-needed support. Opt for postpartum or maternity leggings that are high-waisted, so they’ll sit about your incision site. Don’t choose leggings with a compression panel, which may be too tight to lounge around in all day.
  • Jogger set: two-piece sets are all the rage nowadays, especially when it comes to sweatpants. Pick yourself up a cute jogger set (or two or three!). The matching top and bottom will help you feel put together, even though it barely takes any effort to put one of these cozy outfits on.

What To Wear At Night Post-C-Section

As for what you don’t want to wear to sleep, the rules are the same as what to avoid in the daytime – don’t go for anything that’s too tight or restrictive. Try to opt for breathable, stretchy materials that will provide the ultimate comfort, What To Expect recommends. If you’ll be breastfeeding, look for pieces that allow for easy access to nurse your baby.

Of course, some pyjamas are frumpier than others. If you feel best when you’re looking your best, then don’t be afraid to invest in a cute pair of PJs that makes you feel pulled together. Nightgowns in a silky material are a great way to feel sultry without sacrificing your comfort and breathability You’ll definitely want the extra boost of confidence as you navigate the challenges that recovering from a c-section poses.

What To Wear Under Clothes Post-C-Section

What’s under your clothes matters just as much as what’s on top, at least when it comes to recovering from a c-section. Your bottoms matter the most since they’re the closest to your c-section incision. We recommend opting for high-waisted underwear that will sit above your incision and won’t slip down as you move. Go for full coverage underwear if you need to wear postpartum pads. It’s also best to choose darker colors in order to better hide stains.

Consider A Belly Band or Abdominal Binder

Some women require extra support in their abdomen following a c-section. A belly band wraps around one’s torso and is secured by Velcro, offering a postpartum mom’s body more support as your health, Up Spring Baby explains. An abdominal binder is more structured and corset-like but works in a similar way to provide much-needed abdominal support. There are various types of belly bands and abdominal binders on the market, so it may take some trial and error to figure out which one works best for you.

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