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Quicker and easier than ironing, clothes steamers are designed to be efficient and convenient. They are also far more gentle than irons and can be used on more delicate garments. If you’re someone who travels a lot and struggles with luggage creasing, steamers are compact enough to come with you to keep you looking put together and wrinkle-free.

Steaming your clothes won’t just keep them free from creases, it will also kill any nasty odours, keep clothes looking and smelling fresh between washes and keep your unwashable items in tip-top shape between dry cleaner visits. And they’re not just for clothes, steamers can also be used on your bedding, pillows, curtains, carpets, and more so you’ll be able to get plenty of use out of the handy device. If you’re thinking about officially retiring your iron, here are nine of the best clothing steamers in the UK.

This steamer is leak-proof with an automatic shut off, for safe and easy steaming.

The device also comes with two interchangeable brush heads so you can work with a variety of different fabrics.

Capacity: 260ml

Watts: 1500W

RRP: £39.99, on sale now for £22.90 – you save £17.09

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Two steamer settings that heat up in just 40 seconds mean you can get to work with this steamer very quickly, and the included brush head attachment enables you to tackle thicker fabrics with ease.

Capacity: 260ml

Watts: 1500W

RRP: £29.99, on sale now for £28.99 – you save £1

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This hassle-free steamer quickly and effectively removes creases and bacteria and can be used on clothes that are either hanging up or laying flat.

Capacity: 250ml

Watts: 1100W

RRP: £24, on sale now for £21.18 – you save £2.82

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The sleek black and gold design make this handy steamer look chic and modern, and the small size makes it a perfect luggage addition.

Capacity: 70ml

Watts: 1300W

RRP: £59.17

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Heating up in only 20 seconds, this steamer is perfect for especially time-poor people. The handy LED display allows you to know when it’s ready to go, as well as the steam mode you’re using. The largest water tank capacity in this round up means you can steam more items in one go.

Capacity: 350ml

Watts: 2000W

RRP: £36.99

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Able to steam for 15 continuous minutes, this steamer is perfect for steaming multiple items at once or large items that need a lot of steam. The device comes with three attachable heads so you can change it up depending on what you’re steaming.

Capacity: 260ml

Watts: 1200W

RRP: £50, on sale now for £34.99 – you save £15.01

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A pretty rose gold exterior makes this steamer an aesthetically pleasing addition to your device collection, and it’s light enough to travel with everywhere to provide easy leak-free steaming.

Capacity: 240ml

Watts: 800W

RRP: £17.99

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Fast-heating and with 10 minutes of continuous steam time, this steamer can be used horizontally or vertically to get rid of bad smells, creases, and bacteria.

Capacity: 280ml

Watts: 1500W

RRP: £24.90

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