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Samsung Galaxy S21 pink


Samsung’s Galaxy S21 proves to be the best Android phone you can buy so far in 2021. It has the best balance of design, performance, features, camera versatility and quality, and price than any other Android smartphone.

Pros: Premium design, latest specs and highest performance on Android, triple-lens camera system, reduced pricing compared to last year’s generation

Cons: Photos can have an overly processed look, doesn’t support Samsung’s full 45W charging, 25W charger not included

Indeed, inside the Galaxy S21 is the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor that delivers fast performance. Combined with 8GB of memory (RAM), the Galaxy S21 can easily handle workloads from users who often use and switch between lots of different apps without reloading.

The Galaxy S21 also has Samsung’s signature best-in-class display with vibrant colors, dynamic contrast, and incredible brightness. It’s a 120Hz refresh rate screen at 1080p resolution, which makes for an ultra-smooth and premium experience while navigating around Android and swiping around apps. At 6.1-inches, the screen and overall size of the Galaxy S21 is best suited for those who like mid-sized phones, as on-screen items are still reachable with your thumbs if you prefer smaller phones that can be used one-handed. If you like larger phones, the Galaxy S21 Plus and its 6.7-inch screen will suit nicely. 

The triple-lens camera system on the Galaxy S21 offers a 12-megapixel (MP) standard wide lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens with 120-degrees field-of-view, and a 64MP 3x hybrid zoom lens that can go all the way up to 30x digital zoom. Camera quality is as expected from Samsung — that’s to say you’ll get beautiful photos if you don’t mind the occasional over-processed look that can make them appear pre-enhanced. If you have experience with Samsung phones and you’ve liked the photos they produce, you won’t have any issues here. However, if you prefer less processing on your photos, your best bet on Android is going to be Google’s Pixel 5. 

You get a big 4,000mAh battery in the Galaxy S21 that will last a full day of varied usage. It can charge at speeds up to 25W, which is fast enough, but Samsung unfortunately has not included a 25W charger with the phone. That means your older charger from your older phone may not charge the Galaxy S21 at its full capable speeds, and you’ll have to buy your own charger. It does not support Samsung’s 45W charger, either. 

Back to positive news, Samsung dropped the price tag down $200 compared to its previous generation of Galaxy S20 devices, making the Galaxy S21’s $800 price tag much more reasonable in the premium Android phone category. That’s still expensive, but Samsung announced in August 2020 that it promises to update Android on some of its Galaxy phones for up to three generations of Android. That extends the relevance of the Galaxy S21, as well as the usable lifespan of the device should users want to stay up to date with the latest versions of Android. 

$799.99 from Samsung

$799.99 from Verizon

$799.99 from AT&T

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