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Some 90 Day Fiancé couples get dragged due to age gaps and Green Cards. Are there instances where men were used for money on the hit show?

Over the past seven years, 90 Day Fiancé has grown to become an enormous franchise filled with fan-favorite couples and show villains. Some of the colorful personalities featured have been wildly entertaining, even if it’s not always for the best reasons. Due to considerable age gaps and the international aspect of the show, a number of cast members have been accused of being gold diggers.

The hit TLC series has featured many couples with considerable age gaps since it premiered in 2014. Though many older women are dating younger men on the show, it is usually the older men who are with younger women. This raises commentary that the men are being used for money. Since the show revolves around a foreign partner joining an American fiancé in the U.S. on a K-1 fiancé visa, before marrying and applying for permanent residence, viewers are skeptical. They think that some couples are using their partners for Green Cards. While the many successful romances of the franchise suggest that 90 Day Fiancé love can be real, some scenarios seem sketchy to viewers.

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Brett Otto

Brett Otto and Daya De Arce: 90 Day Fiancé

Season 2 couple Brett Otto and Daya De Arce had the majority of their problematic plotlines revolving around Brett’s mother’s mistrust of his Filipina fiancé. After meeting Daya on an online dating service following his divorce, Brett’s mother was highly skeptical of Brett’s second bride. Brett’s mother believed that Daya was using her son for money and a Green Card, and her suspicions caused her to skip the couple’s wedding. However, the couple has been together since appearing on the show and welcomed a daughter in 2017. Therefore, it appears as though Daya might not have been the gold digger that Brett’s mother feared she was.

Josh Batterson

Season 5 couple Josh and Aika Batterson also drew viewer skepticism. Filipina Aika was very vocal about being fond of expensive clothing and high-end cars. She openly made her luxurious tastes clear and told her future husband that he would have to take care of her in the U.S. after she left her family behind in the Philippines. Though this raised some red flags with viewers, the couple remains happily together to this day. Therefore, it appears that Josh founds Aika’s demands to be reasonable, especially in light of the fact that she’d uprooted her life to be with him.

Russ Mayfield

Season 1 couple Paola and Russ Mayfield are currently still married and living together. They even share a son named Axel. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from accusing the Columbian fitness enthusiast of using Russ for money and opportunity. Russ had a successful job as an engineer, which he lost shortly after the couple married. Paola went on to move to Miami without Russ to pursue her own ventures, though he eventually joined her. Paola has since declared herself the breadwinner of the family, though fans still accuse her of forcing Russ to go along with her whims.

Jorge Nava

Jorge Anfisa: 90 day Fiance

Season 4 couple Jorge Nava was seemingly a very good example of a man being used for money, by his former love Anfisa Arkhipchenko. However, Jorge also openly wanted to be with his 20-year-old Russian fiancé due to her stunning looks. Therefore, it was a classic case of both halves of the couple using each other. Anfisa has become one of the most popular people in the franchise due to her open, honest and unapologetic attitude about what she wanted. Both partners were aware of why they were dating each other, and they were happy with the arrangement at the time. The couple broke up while Jorge was in prison for transporting marijuana and they both have new relationships now.

Jovi Dufren

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya In 90 Day Fiance

Season 8 couple Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya are still having their romance play out on new episodes 90 Day Fiancé. However, many viewers have been skeptical of the underwater robotics worker’s Ukrainian fiancé. Yara has been very vocal about wanting a luxurious lifestyle and she has expressed a lot of interest in clothes, beauty, and decor. Combined with Jovi’s high-paying job, some viewers were left wondering if Yara was using her American fiancé. A video also surfaced of 19-year-old Yara on a Ukrainian dating show, saying that she wanted to marry a rich foreign man someday. However, there is also a strong chance that the blonde beauty truly cares for her rumored husband, who may just be the father of her child.

Every fan has an opinion about former and current 90 Day Fiancé couples. That’s what makes watching the show and talking about it so much fun.

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