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Surely you have noticed that there are colors with which you feel more beautiful. That people ask you if you’ve done something different to yourself and that you yourself feel like a diva. That is the magic of finding the colors of clothing for brown hair that best bring out your appearance. Do you want to take advantage of this chromatic phenomenon? Take note, with these seven shades you will feel divine every day of the week.

Colors of clothes for brown hair: passion red

Brown hair usually has a reddish undertone, which is perceived in the sunlight. This undertone becomes much more intense when combined with outfits in red, which enhance the mane. An intense and passionate red is the best ally of any woman with brown hair, if not tell Doña Letizia. Do you have an important event? Everything to the red and you will triumph.

Clothing colors for brunette hair: a saturated fuchsia

The intensity and darkness of brown hair makes it very easy to combine it with vibrant hues, because they are the perfect contrast. In this range of clothing colors for brunette hair, fuchsia becomes one of the favorites. Because it is romantic and feminine, but also play with that burgundy undertone of brown hair that we mentioned earlier. It will give color to your looks and on top of that it will make you shine.

Clothes colors for brown hair: navy blue

The gloomy but still intense air of a dark blue, its traditional touch, and its sophistication complement brown hair well. Especially if it is combined with a red lipstick, which brings a touch of daring. This midnight tone can be somewhat severe and sober, but chestnuts get the most out of it.

Clothes colors for brunette hair: vibrant yellow

If you are looking to get your feet out of the pot and surprise with new shades, the brightest ones are perfect for you. Yellow contrasts perfectly with the dark brown hair, something that does not happen to blondes. Trust us, if you give preference to the colors of clothes for brunette hair with more light, people will not stop telling you «what have you done today? You look gorgeous! »

Clothing colors for brown hair: not afraid of orange

It is the same as with yellow, which creates rich, exuberant and very striking contrasts when combined with brown hair. Further, orange has a copper component more powerful than yellow, so it enhances the natural reflections of brown hair much more.

Clothes colors for brown hair: total white

Do not hesitate, if you are looking for a total look, nuclear white is the answer. Dark hair is a beautiful counterpoint to white tones, preventing you from being too pale or off. The best clothes colors for brunette hair? In this case, the complete absence of color.

Colors of clothes for brunette hair: neon will take you to infinity

We finish with a color that is becoming fashionable by leaps and bounds. Fluorine green does not go unnoticed, neither in stores nor in street style. And although it is difficult to defend, The truth is that if you are a brunette you have a lot of cattle. Just look at how it suits Kendall Jenner to know. Will you dare

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