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Of course, all of this is exacerbated by Instagram, a rolling feed of archival stills from film history fed to us via throwback accounts charting the best of ‘90s and ‘00s looks, which, in turn, are currently available to buy everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Net-A-Porter. “Having gifted us with iconic outfits forever imprinted in pop culture, certain movies have become an immediate fashion reference for their decade,” says Clara Del Genio, content marketing manager at Stylight. “The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles are a perfect example of ‘80s fashion: oversized coats, puffy sleeves and ruffles, while 10 Things I Hate About You and Empire Records are the embodiment of ‘90s trends: think tartan miniskirts, Steve Madden Mary Janes and spaghetti-strap slip-on dresses. And nowadays, when we think of the ‘00s, our mind immediately goes to the pink velour tracksuits and tiny Louis Vuitton bags from Mean Girls, or the lingerie dresses from 13 Going on 30.” In real terms, the films which have driven the most search in recent years are Bring It On and Clueless. “Gen Z especially seem to be nostalgic for a decade they’ve never experienced, in the same way older generations are missing the ’70s,” says Del Genio. “Searches for yellow plaid skirt suits have been jumping high around Halloween season, while cheerleader-style skirts have been making a comeback on platforms like TikTok.”

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