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Are you really going to be squeezing into high-waisted jeans and a bodysuit when life returns to normal? Probably not. But how will we strike a balance between comfortable clothing and “I actually put thought into this outfit”? Edaein O’Connell investigates.

Can you remember the last time you wore a really great outfit?

I can. It was Saturday, February 29, 2020. The first coronavirus case in Ireland had been announced the day before while my family and I celebrated my brother’s wedding. Quarantine and lockdowns didn’t even cross our minds. We hugged and kissed and danced, never realising that it was to be the last hooray.

The day after the wedding was another family affair in our local and I made sure that my outfit was on point. It was as if I knew that it would be my last chance to go all out. I wore a high-neck pink velvet mini dress by Rotate, trimmed with white frills on the cuff and neckline.

I felt fantastic and stylish and fabulous.

Nearly a year on, the way I dress is very different. Gone are the extravagant outfits and in their place is a scruffed pair of Le Coq Sportif tracksuits pants and a worn crew neck jumper from H&M.

When I online shop (now a rare occurrence) I buy leggings and hoodies which is a far cry from my heady days of high hemlines and even higher heels.

While I miss the more is more aesthetic, I secretly love the comfort. A soft waistband is a welcome reprieve from the days I used to pop open a button on my jeans in the office after a heavy lunch. The cosy embrace of my revolving door of jumpers and hoodies is a non-religious miracle during the dark mornings and days.

When the moment comes for us to take our first tentative steps back into the world, collectively, we will find it challenging to dress the way we did pre-pandemic. We love the ease of the way we wear clothes now. There is less pressure and we are content in the softness. However, a part of us will always want to look our best. And while we may not think it, dressing to be both comfortable and chic is possible.

Take one look at the page of any major retailer and you will see they are taking the comfortable lead. Gone are the tight dresses and intricate designs and in their place are simple options. Clean, unstructured, a covetable luxury.

Even better is the fact you don’t have to say goodbye to the clothes you have acquired throughout 2020 and the beginning of this year. The hoodies and tracksuits and cushioned sartorial furnishings can stay and weave with items that add a little extra oomph to a look.

Below are three outfit options that show comfortable clothing doesn’t have to be boring.

Outfit 1: Trackie Business

Oversized asymmetric single-breasted blazer, €149 at & Other Stories

Cropped hoodie, €15.95 at Zara

Harlow sweatpants, €40 at Weekday

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 trainers, €120 at Brown Thomas

Here is an example of a simple look that is already there for the taking in your wardrobe. Tracksuit combinations were our angels and saviours during 2020 lockdowns and 2021 is no different. But pairing your tracksuit of choice with a blazer adds another dimension to a look deemed to be a no-effort affair. Tracksuits have been a mainstay in street style corners for years, and if 2020 has taught us anything, they are not to be relegated to the “home outfits only” pile. If purchasing for the first time, stick to neutral tones, or khaki and green hues for your hoodie and pants choice.

Outfit 2: Cosy Camel

Asymmetric neckline alpaca jumper, €89 at Arket

ASOS Design ovoid pleat front trousers, €37.99 at ASOS

ASOS Design Summer bow mid-heeled mules in natural, €37.99 at ASOS

During the beginning of the pandemic, many of us will have treated our home office like any other communal workspace. Instagram influencers and online articles told us to act as if nothing had changed. Yearning for any sense of normality, that’s what we did. We stuck with our structured dresses, high waisted jeans and lipstick. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t last long. Soon the realities of home working while homeschooling the kids kicked in. Effort was minimal. For Zoom calls the top half was all gloss but the bottom half was most definitely pyjamas.

Dressing to work from home is difficult but there are items out there to make you feel normal without feeling constricted in the kitchen. Relaxed trousers are all the rage, and this linen pair from ASOS will have you feeling office-ready without the commute. Nobody wants to wear heels down the hallway and they certainly will not be the first thing we reach for post-lockdown, but a pair of low-heel mules elevate a look without the pain. Then for something extra special, look for pieces with usual design features. This beige alpaca jumper could well be deemed boring but the asymmetric neckline brings a touch of class and makes it look more expensive than it is.

Outfit 3: Lounging Leather

ASOS Design curve Borg panelled puffer jacket, €81.99 at ASOS

New Girl Order Curve long sleeve mesh top, €20.85 at ASOS


Leather-effect slouchy trousers, €34.99 at Violetta by Mango

Flat leather ankle boots, €49.99 at Zara

Leather and puffer jackets have been two of the biggest fashion stories in recent months. The best part? Both are on-trend and easy to wear. Leather trousers may give you frightening visions of Ross from Friends, but this slouchy pair from the Violetta range at Mango are a great way to update your tracksuit game.

Pair with track sole boots, a colourful mesh-top, and borg trimmed puffer jacket like this one from ASOS, and you have an Insta-worthy outfit.

Outfit 4: Mix-n-Match

Textured wide-neck jumper, €79 and rib-knit pencil skirt, €69 at Arket

Leather boots with tall leg, €59.99 at Mango

If there was ever a perfect outfit for a re-introduction into a post-lockdown world, this is it. This textured wide-neck jumper and rib-knit pencil skirt pairing from Arket is perfectly snug without losing style points. A perfect transitional outfit, pair with knee-high boots on colder days and switch to heeled sandals when the evenings get warmer.

The mix-and-match element of this outfit also makes it the perfect investment.

Style the top with jeans when you find the courage to wear them again, and a white t-shirt and trainers with the skirt on bright spring days.

Featured image: Jason Lloyd Evans

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