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This Uttarayan, a top boutique in Surat launched a unique initiative ‘Dor – Stitched Together,’ to donate clothes to the poor and needy people. Ajiliyaa is a one of the best boutiques in Surat offering high-street labels and amazing clothes classy jewellery, footwear & bags for any occasion. This multi-designer store was launched in 2017 by Ajiliya Italiya for the modern fashion shoppers. As part of their CSR activity, Ajiliyaa started a unique fashion campaign to bring a little sunshine in others lives. They put in a lot of efforts to bring together the people of Surat and join their initiative of clothes donation. 

Under this social work campaign, Team Ajiliyaa asked the people of Surat to donate their clothes which were in good condition but they didn’t wear or use anymore. They asked interested people to message their address. Team Ajiliyaa went and collected the clothes from the homes of these people. Once they collected all the clothes, they were properly ironed, reassembled and neatly packed. On 14th Jan, 2021 on Uttarayan, team Ajiliyaa distributed these clothes to the underprivileged and needy section of the society. Seeing the smile on the faces of these poor kids, Team Ajiliyaa felt emotional and knew it was worth the combined efforts of all people who contributed in making this campaign a success. 

Founder and creative Director of Ajiliyaa, Ajita Italiya has initiated this movement to bring about a revolution in the fashion world by raising awareness in the society to donate clothes to the needy people. Says Ajita, ‘ Small steps eventually happen to make big differences. And there is no better gift than providing clothes to the underprivileged. Together with the help of the people of Surat, we tried to make that difference in the poor section of the society. It was so satisfying to see a smile on the people’s face when they accepted our donated clothes. And this was possible due to the support and generosity of the people in the city. We are grateful for their contribution. ‘ Ajita Italiya is an entrepreneur, vocalist, fashion stylist and socialist; donning multiple roles with much enthusiasm and dedication. The boutique store also has an in-house health cafe for serving the patrons  delicious food in a crisp, refreshing style. The main idea is to serve everyone who walks in, with a memorable experience that is substantially more than just assuaging their shopping spree. 

With the rising demand for genuine designer wear across the country, at Ajiliyaa, the team caters to the needs of consumers of luxurious fashion. With more than 3 years of experience, today they boast of 10,000+ Customers.  Also, the store is home to more than 200 designers from across the country under one roof, they are a one stop destination for your fashion shopping. Their Designer’s list Includes Shivan & Naresh, Nikita Mhaisalkar, Abstract by Megha Jain, Shweta Kapur and many more. Ajiliyaa has also launched its e-commerce website, providing their clients across the country with a versatile collection to choose from. Over these 3 years, they have organized various designer previews in the presence of the designer themselves. They have even started social activities and fashion campaign to generate awareness regarding clothes donation to help the needy people, thus spreading joy and happiness in their lives.

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