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New parents, you’re going to need a lot of burp cloths. Because it’s no secret that infants spit up. A LOT. You turn your head one moment and look back only to find their freshly changed outfit covered in regurgitated breast milk or formula. It’s a never ending battle to make sure not only their clothes don’t become stained, but also yours. And whether you’re an expecting mama or simply looking for gift ideas for a baby shower (also ask for a baby bouncer, trust us), just know you can never have too many burp cloths (and diapers!) on hand.

The beauty of burp cloths is their versatility. Aside from being used to protect your clothing during a burp sesh, they’re also great to have on hand when you’re using a public restroom changing station. Hello, germs! Just grab one of your larger burp cloths you have in the diaper bag and lay it down on the table before setting your little one down. Also, as your kiddo ages up and you no longer have to worry about them spitting up after their meals, burp cloths can act as a “blankie” for when they’re playing with dolls or stuffed animals. Stuffed animals deserve to get tucked into bed too! And once you’re no longer in need of burp cloths for their intended purpose down the line, just up-cycle them into dust rags, wash cloths, or cleaning rags!

Nowadays it seems like there are a million options to choose between burp cloths and for new moms or folks just looking for a gift idea, knowing which brands to look at is half the battle. So we did some of the heavy lifting for you. And whether you’re in the market for burp cloths with cute designs, made with organic cotton, or even bamboo, we’ve narrowed down to the 12 best burp cloths every mama should have on hand.

Best Burp Cloths

No diaper bag is complete without having packed some MUSLIN burp cloths. Made from 100% cotton, these 10″ x 20″ cloths are so versatile. They can be used to protect your clothing when burping Baby, wiping up their faces or any other sticky messes, a breastfeeding cover, and for teething. One happy customer had this to say about them: “These burp rags checked off all the boxes. I no longer have a need to look for better burp cloths! They are 1) long enough to stay on and cover your shoulder 2) soft enough for baby’s face 3) absorbent 4) well made 5) less expensive than some name brand burp cloths. I will definitely buy again.”

$12.95 AT AMAZON

If you’re looking for some extra absorbency, this 8-pack of cotton flannel ones from Gerber is a great pick. Not only do they feature adorable designs, but these are fairly large cloths measuring in at 14″ x 20.” BONUS: they’re machine washable and dryer friendly!

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Another excellent option for extra absorbency are these double-layered cloths from Comfy Cubs. They measure in at 12″ x 16″ and are made from 100% cotton. You can purchase them in packs of 6 and come in a variety of other colors such as blue, pink, grey, and white.

$14.95 AT AMAZON

If you haven’t heard of muslin cotton before your dryer is about to thank you. Muslin cotton dries 50% quicker than regular cotton. These cloths are designed with a tapered shape so they’ll offer maximum coverage for your shoulder and clothing in case of a catastrophic spit up event. Each cloth is made up of 6 layers of the muslin cotton and measure out to 10.6″ x 19.6.”

$16.99 AT AMAZON

For mamas looking to go the organic material route, these  ones from Burt’s Bees Baby are made from 100% organic cotton. The fabric is GOTS-Certified and incredibly soft for Baby’s sensitive skin. Each cloth is 11.8″ x 16″ and is 2-ply for added absorbency. One customer left this review saying “Excellent burp cloths. Soft, absorbent and doesn’t hold the smell of a traditional ‘cloth diaper’ when washed. My baby loves to cuddle up to them and gnaw on them. Permanent baby shower gift (along with the nose Frida).”

$18.03 AT AMAZON

These flannel ones from Trend Labs are available in a multitude of colors and fun designs. Each cloth measures out to 11.5″ x 20″ and is made from 100% cotton. They’re machine washable and durable, so they’ll last from infancy to their toddler years.


For those mamas who can never have too much adorable animal print baby gear, you’ll definitely need to snag these from Hudson Baby. There are so many different design sets to choose from. Each set includes four burp cloths that measure out to 14″ x 20.” One mama with newborn twins left this review: “the other baby gets reflux and will sometimes burp up half her meal after eating. The burp rags are large enough for her surprise projectile episodes, and are thick and absorbent enough to catch and fold over the large messes while still being useful for the rest of her burping. It goes immediately in the wash after a big mess, and they’ve held up under almost daily runs through the laundry.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Burt’s Bees Baby has even more cloths in adorable prints like this 5-pack featuring their wandering elephant design. These high quality burp cloths are made from the same organic cotton material, making them extra soft and absorbent. Customers are raving about how durable they are in the washing machine.


If you love an assortment of styles when it comes to your burp cloths you’ll definitely need to scoop up these flannel ones from Gerber. The designs included in this 8-pack of cloths feature stars, stripes, and two different cloud patterns on white, black, gray, and yellow fabric. They’re 100% cotton and machine washable. Each cloth measures out to 14″ x 20.”


If you’re looking to go the organic route, these organic cotton burp cloths from Honest Baby belong on any baby shower registry. Even though they look like pot holders they’re not as stiff so they’ll easily roll or fold up into a diaper bag. The organic cotton makes them incredibly soft and absorbent. Each cloth measures out to 11″ x 19.”


If you’re looking for maximum absorbency, these organic cotton cloths from KeaBabies are the real deal. Each one is composed of 3 layers, with the inner layer being a super absorbent fleece and the two outer layers being 100% organic cotton. They’re designed with “wide shoulder coverage” so you don’t have to worry about your sleeve getting puke on it. Each cloth measures out to 10.5″ x 21.” One parent raved about these cloths saying “Having 5 kids I’ve tried a lot of different burp clothes on the market and these are my top 2 favorite. They are soft, thick, and absorbent, and I love the patterns. The size is also perfect. Highly recommend.”

$19.96 AT AMAZON

Burp cloths made from bamboo? Say no more. These chic cloths from San Francisco Baby are made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. The bonus of bamboo? They dry 50% faster than cotton. But they’re still just as absorbent as their 100% counterparts. Another fun feature of these cloths? There’s a pacifier clip! Each cloth measures out to 9″ x 19.”

$14.88 AT AMAZON

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