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In plush heels!  Thalia in a mini robe and few clothes (AP)

In plush heels! Thalia with mini robe and few clothes | AP

The beautiful Mexican singer Thalia At 49 years old, he continues to awaken impure thoughts among his Instagram followers, and he also recently posed with some daring photos wearing only a mini robe and pink teddy heels.

Pretty, charismatic, daring and talented are some of the adjectives that perfectly describe the beautiful Thalía, who from her beginnings in the artistic world has captivated everyone with her unmatched talent and beauty.

This is how in the celebration of her 49th birthday on August 26, the famous singer shared 2 photographs where she showed her fans and haters that the years only make her more beautiful.

In the luxurious bathroom of her home, wearing only a satin mini robe, lingerie In purple tone and plush heels was how the interpreter of “Amor a la Mexicana” was seen before her more than 16 million followers.

Happy bday to me! And that’s how my birthday grabs me, in a matching robe and underwear of my #thaliasodicollection about to go out, “Thalia wrote in the post.

Undoubtedly, his followers at that time did not miss the opportunity to send him good wishes for fulfilling one more year of life.

Tommy Mottola’s wife also thanked all her fans for the gifts and proofs of love they brought her.

The publication was shared on August 26 and until today it has more than 300 thousand likes and endless comments and compliments from its followers.

Click here to see Thalia’s photo.

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There is no doubt that for several years Thalia She has given something to talk about by showing off her spectacular figure and beauty on Instagram and if you were wondering what the Mexican diva does to preserve herself so well at 49 years of age, we will give you a preview.

In fact, some of her beauty tips were shared by Tommy Mottola’s wife in her book “Thalía: Beauty!” and others have been given through social networks:

Avoid exposing yourself for a long time to the sun, and to avoid the ravages use sunscreen 60 SPF. There are no excuses for a rock climbing routine or running in the nearest park. Her hair is one of the most envied, and that is why she tries to take care of it, especially when it comes in contact with the pool or the sea and recommends wetting it before swimming, applying a conditioning mask, making a ponytail and thus allows the heat of the sun penetrates, in this way it will avoid that the chlorine or the salt penetrates the hair and damages it. Practice Yoga, as it balances the soul, mind and body. He does not believe in diets and prefers to eat healthy, take care of his diet to be able to indulge himself in the weekend. The eyebrows are the frame of the face so it is very important to have the right shape for each person. For the face, it recommends that the brushes to apply blush or makeup are perfectly clean. You never go to sleep without removing your makeup, because no matter how tired you are, your skin will thank you. Thalia’s waistline is pure genetics, but she recommends eating slowly to help the stomach digest properly.

These are the best kept tips of Thalia To stay beautiful and healthy, however, as she confessed a while ago, her biggest secret is to surround herself with positive people: “This allows you to face life with good humor and joy, which makes every woman look more beautiful.”

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