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The Sea of Thieves experience has always been centered around sailing the ocean blue in search of treasure and challenges while also sharing the space with other pirates. But what enhances the experience is the ability for players to customize their look in a variety of different ways, from different ship designs to a variety of clothing and weapons.

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The wide range of customization in the game is divided into various sets, with each showcasing a different theme that includes matching boats, clothing, weapons, and other accessories. There’s a ton of sets to acquire or purchase in the game, but there are a few that stand out above the rest.

10 Ferryman Set

Some players may not know this, but some sets only focus on certain types of customization. The Ferryman Set includes a dark-colored pirate outfit that includes a unicorn-insignia on the jacket and hat. There is also an eyepatch and hook to help really match the pirate aesthetic. There are also three weapons that blend gold and black coloring, including the Ferryman Blunderbuss, Cutlass, and Pistol. Unfortunately, the set is only available for those that purchased the limited-edition Xbox controller, which is no longer available.

9 Forsaken Ashes Set

Forsaken Ashes ship in Sea of Thieves

Next up is a set that is themed after the Shroudbreaker, a group of pirates led by Grace Morrow. The Forsaken Ashes Set was added to the game during the Forsaken Shores update and is themed around volcanic visuals. The clothing items offered at the Outpost Shops include an orange and black outfit that also includes an eyepatch, hook, pegleg, scars, and tattoo. Variants of the usual equipment can be purchased as well. Weapons and ship customizations were available initially, but are no longer available due to their method of obtaining them no longer in the game.

8 Ghost Set

Ghost Ship in Sea of Thieves

Some sets do not become available to players until they reach a specific title. The Ghost Set can only be obtained once the player reaches the most legendary of the Pirate Legends. Purchased from Athena’s Fortune Hideout, the ghost set is meant to give players the look of the ghost ships and crews they’ve done battle with in the middle of the ocean.

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There is a full ghost outfit plus Athena’s Fortune costume. There are ghostly variants of the equipment and weapons. Plus, a player’s entire ship can be made to look as ominous as possible with the ghost aesthetics.

7 Kraken Set

Kraken Ship in Sea of Thieves

Speaking of enemies fought on the high seas, players can pay tribute to the mighty Kraken with a set made in its honor. The set in its entirety focuses on purple, blue, and orange colored pieces. Unlike the other sets, the Kraken Set is available at all Outpost stores after the anniversary edition of the game took away any requirements. The blue and purple outfit can be paired with an eyepatch, hook, pegleg, unique hair, and a unique beard. The latter two can only be purchased from Athena. Plus, equipment, weapon, ship, and pet outfit variations are available.

6 Paradise Garden Set

Paradise Garden ship in Sea of Thieves

Rare has made an effort to pay homage to some of the games it has made over the years by introducing different sets that each represent a specific game they worked on. One of the sets introduced was dedicated to Viva Pinata under the Paradise Garden Set. This extremely bright and colorful set includes multi-colored sails and a purple and blue hull for the ship. There is even a cannon flare available that will shoot confetti out of cannons when they are used. This set is available exclusively in the Pirate Emporium.

5 Parrot Set

Pirates wearing Parrot Set clothing with matching ship in Sea of Thieves

If there is one companion that fits the pirate life, it’s a parrot. With the Parrot Set, players can dedicate their look and the decor to their feathery comrades as they set sail with them. The clothing is mostly blue and green with some pointed accents to make it look more feathery. The vanity items are made to look like parrot body parts, such as a parrot eye for the eyepatch and a parrot leg for the pegleg. As with many sets, there are various customizations available for the weapons, equipment, and ship for this particular set. It’s available at the Outpost stores from the start.

4 Huntress Set

Huntress Ship in Sea of Thieves

Another game that earned its own set in the game is Perfect Dark, the early-2000s first-person shooter and spiritual successor to Goldeneye 007. The Huntress Set focuses on the aesthetic of the original game and the protagonist, Joanna Dark.

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This is another Pirate Emporium exclusive that features a customizable element for every part of the ship. The main colors of the ship are purple and gray with a Figurehead that features the head of Dark herself. There are collector variants of the figurehead and sails, as well as a legendary figurehead as well.

3 Legendary Set

The legendary captain outfit, as part of the Legendary Set in Sea of Thieves

For those who think they can wear the clothes of legends, this is the perfect set. Dubbed the Legendary set, the overall look is dedicated to the Pirate Legends of Athena’s Fortune. The primary colors of this set are various shades of purple with some accents of gold as well. The outfit makes anyone wearing it look like a true captain and the ship cosmetics include one of the sails having the Reaper’s Mask on it. There is also a cannon flare that, when shot, causes the bursts to glow green like the Pirate Lord. All items can be purchased from Athena’s Fortune Shop.

2 Bear & Bird Set

Bear and Bird Ship in Sea of Thieves

If Rare was going to implement dedications to some of its classic games in Sea of Thieves, there was no way they would not create a set dedicated to Banjo-Kazooie. What’s hilarious about this set is that Banjo and Kazooie aren’t designed on the ship. Instead, a normal bear and red bird take their place on the figurehead and sails of the ship. That said, the influence is there with an emphasis on yellow and blue-colored things. In addition, many of the items on the ship can be customized to have jigsaw puzzle pieces on them. It can be obtained at the Pirate Emporium.

1 Soulflame Set

Soulflame Captain outfit in Sea of Thieves

Think of this last set as an upgraded and much-cooler version of the Ghost Set. The Soulflame Set was part of the third Halloween update entitled “Fate of the Damned.” The entire set can be purchased at Athenea’s Fortune Hideout after completing the Vanquishiong the Damned Commendation. The clothing items featured are a captain’s costume plus three crewmate costumes. There is also makeup available, a Soulflame Lantern, and various weapons. The Soulflame ship cosmetics give off a green tint and is among the more intimidating designs.

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