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Villainous characters in the Pixar universe might be the ones that people typically hate, or more likely, love to hate, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be appreciated for their style within the movies. Pixar thrives on its incredible variety and uniqueness, from a world of toys to monsters and superheroes, all of the villains are very different.

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The personalities of these characters are what really help to drive them, and they’re always over the top in order to be as relatable as possible. However, one way in which Pixar really pushes its villains is through costume, giving their characters a clear style and design, which really helps to make them stand out. But never every villain is as stylish as the others.

10 Sid (Toy Story)


The original Pixar villain, Sid didn’t exactly start things off in the most fashionable and elegant style. He’s only a child, so likely doesn’t have much influence on his own personal fashion choices, but a black t-shirt with a skull on it doesn’t exactly scream elegance.

It’s a very scruffy appearance, but certainly goes along with his rock and roll style and attitude to life, simply wanting to destroy things as much as possible. However, it does make him the least stylish of the Pixar villains.

9 Al (Toy Story 2)

Al McWhiggin in Toy Story 2

Things didn’t really improve in terms of style when it came to Toy Story 2 either, with Al also being presented as quite the slob. This is something that suited his character perfectly, who was quite lazy and sloppy within his behavior, simply wanting to make all of his money by selling rare and expensive toys.

Happy to sleep on the sofa with his hand covered in Cheetos, Al doesn’t really look after himself in any way at all, and therefore his personal style is pretty much non-existent. However, seeing him dressed up in the chicken costume is one of the funniest moments in this movie.

8 Randall (Monsters, Inc.)

Randall in Monsters Inc

Randall is one of two villains within Monsters, Inc. however there’s no doubt that his style isn’t the best. Randall is quite goofy and while he acts very confident, and his ability to blend into his surroundings is very cool, he doesn’t always have the confidence to push a clear style in his personality.

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When things go wrong for him, he instantly showcases panic, with his colors changing frantically, which showcases he isn’t in full control of the situation. However, his ability to sneak around is certainly impressive and makes for a good style in scaring.

7 Stinky Pete (Toy Story 2)

Another villain from the Toy Story franchise is the Prospector, Stinky Pete. His style is one that suits him and the world that he comes from perfectly, but he isn’t anywhere near as flashy as Woody, Jessie, or any of the other toys within the movie for that matter.

His outfit is quite an iconic one from the Pixar universe though, and his attitude and demeanor go along with it very well. Originally starting out as warm and kind, he quickly shows his true self when things don’t go his way, and that is certainly more like him and his style overall.

6 Chef Skinner (Ratatouille)

For the vast majority of the movie, Chef Skinner is showcased in his work clothing, which is how everyone is portrayed within the kitchen. Of course, being the head chef does make him stand out a little more, but it’s when he’s out of the restaurant that his brilliant fashion is highlighted.

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When he’s trying to catch what Remy and Linguini are doing, he is shown to have a very stylish jacket, which looks great. While he can be a little bit panicky and he does stress, Skinner also shows a more relaxed and stylish side to himself at points throughout the movie.

5 Charles Muntz (Up)

Considering his age, Charles Muntz was never going to be dressed in anything young or current, however, he pulls off the clothes he wears brilliantly. He’s a grizzled veteran who isn’t happy without being able to complete his mission and he has an attitude that reflects that perfectly.

His clothing looks brilliant and is something that really adds to his character perfectly. It’s vintage, but it also suits his travels and the work he does flying around his huge blimp.

4 Hopper (A Bug’s Life)

Quite obviously, Hopper isn’t a character that wears costumes throughout the movie, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have great style. Out of all the grasshoppers in the movie, Hopper is the one who stands tall and looks the part of the dominant and scary character, which is what makes him such a great villain.

His style in how he delivers his threats to not only his allies but his enemies also really puts him over as well. Hopper rarely needs to scream and shout, but when he does, it instantly makes everyone stand up and listen, which is a sign of just how scary he is.

3 Henry J. Waternoose (Monsters, Inc.)

Henry J. Waternoose may only be revealed as a villain right at the end of the movie, but he certainly turns out to be someone totally different from what he portrays throughout the majority of the story. However, while his betrayal and secret end up being a shocking moment, there’s no doubt that he has a real style.

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Henry dresses appropriately for his age, and it really works for him. The suit looks great and goes along with his image as the boss that is in charge of the scare factory. It makes him quite an intimidating presence and is certainly a classy look for him.

2 Jackson Storm (Cars 3)

Cars 3 may not have been the most popular Pixar movie, but it certainly did provide one of the most stylish villains. The characters within this franchise have certainly always looked great the past, but Jackson Storm was an incredibly slick and cool-looking character from a visual perspective.

His arrogant attitude goes along with the character perfectly, and he does end up having a real impact on the movie. Pixar absolutely knocked it out of the park in terms of making this character feel like the one to usher in the new era, which doesn’t include Lightning McQueen.

1 Ernesto de la Cruz (Coco)

When it comes to style, class, and outfits, there is no debate at all about who the best Pixar villain is, as Ernesto de la Cruz wins this one hands-down. Ernesto really pushes out a level of sophistication about himself, and even in death he still looks incredibly cool.

Ernesto is the movie star and musician who everyone in Mexico adores and treats like a God, therefore it is no surprise that he looks the part to match that. Even though his talent and creativity turns out to be a lie, there’s no doubt he looks incredibly stylish, more so than any other character within the movie.

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