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Madison and Justin decided to go to the Kleinfeld sample sale, hoping they would have more luck.

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The lace wasn’t what Madison wanted.

Madison Taylor

At a sample sale, dresses brides try on in-store are available for purchase, and they’re much more affordable than a wedding dress you have to order. 

The Kleinfeld sample sale is a huge event, with brides traveling from all over to attend with the hope of finding their ideal wedding dress at a fraction of the cost.

Justin and Madison traveled to New York together to try to find her dress, and Justin volunteered to line up outside of Kleinfeld in the middle of the night to ensure Madison got to participate in the sale.

Justin started camping out at Kleinfeld around 2 a.m. in the middle of winter, letting Madison sleep. She joined him around 6 a.m., and they were finally able to go inside the store around 10 a.m. 

She tried on a few dresses during the sample sale, including this strapless Pnina Tornai gown. 

Madison said she almost bought the dress, in large part because it fit her so well. Madison is petite and the dress was a runway size, so it was exciting to try on a dress that fit as it should.

“I rarely get to try on anything that’s my size,” she said. “I really loved the shape of it, but I wasn’t looking for lace.”

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