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Doing laundry probably isn’t your favourite chore, especially when you don’t have much space to work with. If you’re living in an apartment or a space with no balcony, drying your clothes can seem like a mountainous task. When it comes to powering through laundry day and getting those clothes dried inside, it’s all about finding the right clothes airer.

For the most part, people typically reach for those cheap and cheerful rectangular folding clothes racks. Yes they’re inexpensive, but they also break easily and only provide one way to help your clothes dry in one shape. If you’re limited in space, or you’ve got specific drying needs, those racks can be less than useful. That’s where these five unusual clothes airers could come to the rescue.

4 Bar Chrome-Plated Bath Towel Ladder, $72.35
If you’re in a smaller apartment the space across your living room might not be extensive enough for a traditional wide airer, and that’s where devices like this towel ladder has appeal. It’s environmentally sound, and while it’s primarily pitched as a bathroom towel rack, there’s nothing stopping you using it as a vertical airer for any clothes item or items that will fit on it.

Minky Homecare 3 Tier Plus Drying Rack, $61.04 

Another great option for small space living is to utilise height, which makes tiered clothes airers are a perfect investment. This 3 tier dryer can hold two loads of washing so it’s incredibly economical and efficient. It also features flip out corners which creates 12 extra hanger spaces for things like shirts and dresses. It’s safe, sturdy and incredible space efficient – a winner all round.

Bamboo Clothes Airer, $44.90 

If you’re looking for a minimalistic clothes airer that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, this one is for you. Given that it’s made from bamboo, this dryer has a really nice look to it, which means you won’t mind having it sitting in your living room. There’s also no assembly required for this one which makes it incredibly easy to use (because nobody has time to be battling against their clothes airer every couple of days). Just unfold, hang and off you go!

8 Casters Large Foldable Clothes Airer, $119.95
When they called this airing rack “large” they were perhaps understating manners. If this was a pizza, it’d be the supreme, with a little bit of everything, from standard vertical bars for your shirts or towels, expandable wings and lower shoe rack, and a total of 30 different drying rods to take a solid quantity of washing in one go.

Jojck Round Square Plum Shape Drying Shelf, $34.77
If you’ve got kids (or pets) it can be as challenging keeping clothes on an airing rack as it is putting them there in the first place. Jojck’s Drying Shelf solves this problem with up to 30 clips to hang and dry small personal items such as underwear and socks – the exact kind of thing that your cat probably delights in pulling down when you’re forced to dry them inside. Its small shape also makes it highly suitable to hang in very small spaces, which could be useful if you’ve got an internal boiler or similar warm space to more quickly dry your clothes.

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