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Ice cubes next to dryer

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Not many people enjoy ironing so anything that will reduce the time it takes to press our clothes is welcome.

One laundry expert has recommended using ice cubes in the dryer to get clothes to come out crease-free.

CEO of brand Laundryheap, Deyan Dimitrov, advises using ice cubes as the heat from the dryer will cause them to melt, allowing for the steam to be created.

The makeshift steamer should then straighten out any wrinkles in the clothes.

Deyan reckons 2021 is the year we ditch the iron and try new methods of sorting out our creases.

And if you’re wondering whether it actually works, other cleaning fanatics have also sworn by it, and uploaded the finished look online.

The hack is similar to another well-known internet tip of placing creased clothes you want to wear in the bathroom while you shower.

Any steam from the shower should help to take out light creases (it helps if the clothes are hanging from a hanger).

Clothes before and after steaming

The result (Picture: Good Morning America)

If you are planning to try this out, make sue you don’t put too many clothes in the dryer as this hack works best with fewer clothes.

If there are too many items, it’s harder for the steam to get through to all of them.

So it might be best to try if you’re hoping for a quick outfit change and need to wear something straight out of the dryer.

If you’re not wearing them straight away, make sure you hang the clothes to avoid crumpling them up.

On a parenting website discussing the trick, one person wrote it was ‘quick enough to be done last minute, or while you are preparing to go out’.

Another said the trick was a ‘win’ and also worked on pillow cases.

If you’re hoping to do less ironing in 2021 then this hack might be for you.

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