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Amoury coat, £745, Alice Early; Cotton sweatshirt, £110, Sunspel; V&A Rosa Print quilted organic cotton jacket, £115.01, People Tree; Cotton work trousers, £59, Community Clothing. Leather tote bag, £197, M. Hulot. Chelsea boots, Alyson’s own ( Dealer boots, £165, still available from Solovair)

Fortunately, there are more and more smaller brands, transforming the face of fashion and doing good things, at a range of prices. I am no shining eco-angel, but I do try my best to reduce my footprint and practise considerate consumption. Shopping on the high street (or what’s left of it) for good quality basics at places like Uniqlo, COS and Arket, I opt for style over fast fashion and choose clothes I can keep for a long time. Unwanted items go to the charity shop.

I’ve been buying wardrobe staples online at Community Clothing, the social initiative founded by Patrick Grant, Sewing Bee judge and saviour of the British clothing industry. While I’ve probably reached Peak Jumpsuit, my favourites are made in the UK by Spry Workwear.

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