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And just like that, we find ourselves elated and/or apoplectic at the prospect of a Sex and The City revival, over two decades after season one first aired. When the trailer dropped, the comments section of every news outlet that covered the story (all of them) exploded, and not everyone was convinced. Hordes of once die-hard fans transformed into naysayers – adamant that the show cannot go on without Samantha.

Whichever camp you’re in – open-minded or obstinate – the love for the original series endures, and if nothing else, And Just Like That… is a great excuse to bathe in ’90s and early Noughties nostalgia by re-watching all six seasons in one sitting. And, of course, to revisit Carrie’s unforgettable array of wild and wonderful outfits. Never afraid to navigate the streets of New York in an offbeat ensemble, the beloved Bradshaw was the definition of fashionably brave. 

Avid fans will be familiar with the myriad Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards dedicated to Sex and the City. The @everyoutfitonsatc account has 675,000 followers (famous fashion insiders, influencers and cast-members included), and its feed serves as proof that there’s still very much an appetite for the stylish turns of the fabulous four.

For your own trip down memory lane, look no further. Below, Vogue highlights Carrie’s most memorable looks: the good, the great and the questionable. 

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Her tutu

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Even those who can’t quote any Sex and the City episode verbatim will recognise this look. It’s officially Carrie’s first ever outfit – a tiered tutu teamed with a pale-pink tank top and strappy sandals for the show’s opening sequence – and it very much set the tone for what was to come. Several years ago, costume designer Patricia Field revealed that she sourced said tutu from a showroom bin, and bought it for just $5.

That cowboy hat (and the rest)

For most people, a mention of the Hamptons might evoke manicured gardens, pristine white properties and turquoise swimming pools. But for Carrie, a visit to the millionaires’ beach retreat was apparently a prime opportunity for her ode to the Wild West. Season 2, episode 17 sees Ms Bradshaw encounter Mr Big and his 20-something girlfriend Natasha while dressed in a python-print boob tube, striped sarong, a cowboy hat and – of course – her famous “Carrie” necklace.

The newspaper dress

SJP became the unofficial poster girl for John Galliano’s famed newspaper dress, first worn by Angie Schmidt in his autumn/winter 2000 Christian Dior runway show. Carrie wears said SATC staple in season 3 episode 17, “What Goes Around Comes Around,” when she once again bumps into Natasha in a restaurant (and is relieved of her Manolos by a particularly enterprising mugger).

An LBD like no other

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An uncharacteristically simple look, Carrie nonetheless pulled out her traffic-stopping LBD (okay technically, it’s charcoal), on two occasions in season 2, episode 15: once for a date with Vaughn Wysel, then again post break-up, for lunch with Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.  

The revenge dress

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Considering her turbulent love life, plenty of Carrie’s looks could be classified as a “revenge dress”. But foremost among them is the white, bias-cut slip she wears when she sees Big leaving his engagement party (season 2, episode 18). After the fabulous four draw comparisons between Big and Carrie’s love story and the classic 1973 movie The Way We Were, a wistful Bradshaw takes it upon herself to quote lines from the film when she bumps into him. Iconic.

A Chanel shirt, worn backwards

One of her wilder outfits. If the tie-dye capri pants and turquoise bandana weren’t enough to make the look off-kilter, then her decision to pair it with a colourful Chanel shirt – worn backwards and unbuttoned – surely did the trick.  

A mini-skirt with a twist 

Carrie’s frog-green satin mini skirt from Vivienne Westwood was the very definition of party at the back – it featured a tulle, bustle-like tail. Bizarre? Maybe, but Carrie made it work. She paired said mini with a crisp button-down shirt and cherry-red stilettos. 

The bare waist and belt combo

Because… why not? Here Carrie dons a patterned lime-green low-rise skirt, complete with a matching belt fastened around her bare torso and a knotted pink shirt. Note: the excess fabric of her top is tucked-into her bra for maximum effect.

A floral midi that was made to get wet

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Two versions of this floral midi dress – from Richard Tyler’s Resort 2001 collection – were sourced for episode 18, season 3, due to the fact that Carrie finds herself taking a surprise dip in Central Park’s boating pond with Big. One of the dresses was sold for charity in 2001 and the other – which previously took pride of place in SJP’s own archive – was subsequently donated to Australia’s Museums Victoria.

The ultimate boyfriend shirt

Following that impromptu swim, Carrie makes the best of a bad situation and turns to her ex’s wardrobe for outfit inspo. The result? A boxy boyfriend shirt made glamorous, with a little help from an Hermès belt.

Goodbye Mr Big slip

This outfit – a négligée-esque black lace slip, gold-flock robe and ruffled Louboutin sandals – was central to an eventful episode. Carrie wears it for her last “Big night on the town” before he leaves New York for Napa (season 4, episode 18), only to find herself on the labour ward with Miranda. 

The OG crop-top queen

Emily Ratajkowski didn’t invent the ab flash. Carrie owned quite the collection of crop tops, boob tubes and bralettes, including the black long-sleeve top she wore with a striped skirt (both Prada spring/summer 2001), a Gucci belt bag and heels the night she encountered Aidan flirting with a bartender (season 4, episode 7).

The “naked dress”

Easily Carrie’s ultimate first date look (season 1, episode 6). She wore the skimpy DKNY slip – dubbed the “naked dress” long before the Kardashian-Jenners were standing scantily-clad on the steps of the Met – for a photo shoot to promote her newspaper column, then deemed it fit for her first romantic rendezvous with Big. We all know what happened next. 

The shirt that (nearly) got away…

Aidan wasn’t a fan of Carrie’s distressed Roberto Cavalli outfit, and she pledged to throw it out when he moved in to make room for his clothes. But in Bradshaw’s world, love conquers all… except fashion. She couldn’t bear to part with it, and the episode draws to a close with our heroine sauntering down the steps of her brownstone clad in her Cavalli. 

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